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Popularly known as the Silicon Valley of India is Bangalore. It is the prime hub for all kind of business. Businesses that concentrate and undertake the IT services including Wipro, ISRO, Infosys and many more are located here. The space search organisation headquarters is also located in Bangalore, along with all the major e-commerce enterprises like Myntra, Flipkart and Redbus. Along with a major business empire, Bangalore hosts a majority of small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc. The question arises here, which is the perfect location in Bangalore to choose Business......

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Co-working Space in Bangalore at Instasquares

Among the millennials, we have seen a lot of disinterest with a traditional workspace. The new generation has a tendency to replace the old, traditional concepts with newer, innovative ones and that has resulted in the development of a lot of things such as technological development. In terms of work culture, you will see that a lot of developments have taken place. The traditional personalised office culture has been slowly replacing by the co-working concept with the enhanced start-up culture. It is basically a concept where mostly small businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers share......

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co-working space

For new entrepreneurs who have just entered into business and are struggling to make it big, the best and the cheapest option for a workspace may be their homes. But using your home as your workplace comes with its own disadvantages. When homes are used as office spaces, you will see that the distractions of your home would disturb you and there will be issues pertaining to space. Expansion won’t be a possibility at your home, and lack of any formal or informal interaction will take a toll on your professional front.......

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