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Pros and Cons of Various Co-Working Options

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Among the millennials, we have seen a lot of disinterest with a traditional workspace. The new generation has a tendency to replace the old, traditional concepts with newer, innovative ones and that has resulted in the development of a lot of things such as technological development. In terms of work culture, you will see that a lot of developments have taken place. The traditional personalised office culture has been slowly replacing by the co-working concept with the enhanced start-up culture. It is basically a concept where mostly small businessmen, entrepreneurs, freelancers share the same office space with other people, in turn reducing costs and making social and professional contacts. In a business centre, this concept has fast picked up. There are mainly two types of co-working space options, namely Dedicated and Flexible. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a look at both of them-
Dedicated / Fixed Option:
It is one of the options of co-working offices where dedicated or fixed co-working office as the name itself indicates, you will find a desk that is dedicated for yourself. No other will be allowed to use it. In terms of office space set up, this co-working option is quite similar to traditional office spaces. It sounds as if you will have a whole different room for yourself, but that is not what it is. All the dedicated desks are allotted in common workspace area. Other desks will surround yours and other people will be working. Other than a desk, other facilities provided in an office, such as the Internet, washrooms and water facilities would be shared.
Little or no Distractions– As you will have your own desk and surrounded by same peers every day as dedicated desk are accommodated in a single space, there will be very little distractions for you while you work.
Personalised Space– As your workspace is fixed and has no tension that it will be occupied by others, there won’t be any need to rush to pick your preferred space.
Storage Space– You will get your own space with storage facilities and a lock.
Space for Own Things – You can pin the images of your loved ones, fill your desk with plants and attach your work schedule at your desk, which inspires you during your work.
Expensive– It is a bit expensive option over flexible desk option. Not every professional individual and business is able to afford it.
Less Social Contact– As you will be working alone at your desk, there might be situations where you will have little or no social contact.
Flexible Desk Option:
The flexible co-working option is the most common co-working office space option, and at times, people think that this is the only co-working option. Under this option, you will share your desk and office space with other people who will have their own businesses. This option is quite innovative and is the very base of the co-working option. Under this option, you will occupy a different desk each time as per your interest. Around you, there will be other desks and people working and sharing desks, with other amenities in the same way.
Cheaper– As compared to a dedicated desk, this option is slightly more affordable for small businesses. Shared desk space will obviously be cheaper than a dedicated one.
More Social Work Life– If you decide to go for this option, you will see that you will have a more social work life. That is because you won’t be isolated as you are accompanied by other distinct individuals while you work, unlike in a traditional cubicle/office or a fixed co-working space.
More Professional Network– Just like in a classroom where you sit with anyone you find space besides, here you would be doing the same thing. This way, you’ll meet a lot of different people from different business fields, thereby building your professional contacts and network.
Distractions– With a flexible co-working space, you will see that sometimes your work gets slowed because there is someone just beside you, which might increases distractions.
Rushing to Work– Everyday, you will have to rush to work just so you can get the place of your choice. Else you might have to suffice by sitting at any space, which is left empty.
While both these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, when you look at them as a singular part, you will see a lot more benefits. For example, there are a lot of major business centres in Bangalore, which were once quite expensive as far as renting offices were concerned. Now, with the advent of co-working space in Bangalore, Jayanagar these places have become affordable for office spaces. One can choose an option of their own choice, but in both the options, a lot of benefits are quite common.

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